Vendor Financing Agreements

Egylease recognizes that suppliers are business partners. Though suppliers are vastly different, they all agree that having available finance can help improve their sales turnover. We make time to understand each supplier’s needs and tailor make the financing solution suitable for their businesses. Whether you supply trucks, passenger cars, assisting equipment such as generators or chillers, production lines or commercial real estate, we can definitely help. We alleviate all the hurdles of credit selling from suppliers’ shoulders and let them focus on how to meet their sales targets. 

Egy Lease understands that processing time is an important factor in a sales pitch. We will provide our suppliers/ partners with the setup which will enable them to control processing time, so they will be the ones controlling processing time, not us.

Egy Lease treats your prospects as ours, so we don’t just provide finance, but also reach out for the prospect to explain how leasing works and the benefits of acquiring the underlying assets through leasing rather than any other financing mode.

Egy Lease also realizes that in a competitive environment, confidentiality is very important. We treat every lead as classified with limited accessibility, besides providing exclusive features to the supplier/business partner that we deal with.

Egy Lease pays high attention to training the sales team of each vendor on the vendor program’s conditions to make sure they understand the steps needed to conclude the sales transaction through Egy Lease and provide devoted team members to answer and clarify any inquiries.